Seahorse offers Yachts Charters; Motor Yachts, Motor Sailers and Sailing Yachts in Greece and the Mediterranean.

We are a Yacht broker company, established in 1971 here in Athens, Greece.

Try our 45 years of experience !

Choosing the Yacht

In these pages, you will find a selection of top quality yachts. Each yacht is described briefly with basic specifications and sample photos. If you need more information on the vessels listed in here, we can send you brochures of each. Should you not see the yacht you require, let us know and we will suggest suitable alternatives. Once we know your preference for the size, type of yacht and style of travelling, we can help you choose the right yacht for you.

Booking the Yacht

When you have selected a yacht, and the dates and ports of embarkation /disembarkation have been agreed upon, we will prepare a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). We will send you this agreement to be signed and returned to us. At this point 50% of the charter Fee should be transferred to our Bankers to secure the yacht on your behalf. When the Owner countersigns the Agreement, one original will be returned to you. The balance of the charter Fee, the advance towards provisioning of the yacht (A.P.A.), V.A.T. and any applicable delivery or redelivery fee will be due for payment one month prior to embarkation.

Charter Terms & Conditions

The charter rate includes the hire and insurance of the yacht, a fully qualified crew, fed and insured, water and ship's laundry.

Excluded are fuel for the yacht, tender and toys, all food and drinks, communication costs, canal dues, personal laundry, gratuity for the crew and VAT.

When cruising outside Greek waters, you will be charged berthing dues and other harbour charges, including canal and pilotage fees and charges for water and/or electricity taken from shore, foreign agent's fees, charges for passport formalities and local taxes.

Advance Provisioning Allawance (A.P.A)

This is used to cover all expenses excluded from the charter rate (as stated above). The amount varies depending on the yacht, the itinerary chosen, provisioning requested by the charterer, the number of passengers and days of travel. In general it falls somewhere between 25%-30% of the charter fee.

All costs incurred by the yacht, which are accountable to the charterer will be deducted during the cruise and full accounts will be produced at the end. Occasionally the A.P.A is not sufficient and the Captain will keep you advised if further funds are required.

At the end of the charter, the final account will determine if a refund or any further payments are due. Please note that yachts are only able to accept payments in cash or, in some instances Traveller Cheques.

Repositioning Charges

If you require your yacht to relocate to a port of embarkation or disembarkation away from its homeport, delivery and/or redelivery fees will be charged based on the distance and fuel required.


According to the new Greek Law N.4334 (ΦΕΚ Α' 80/16-07-2015) VAT is now 23% instead of 13%.

The new rate of VAT is due for all charters executed in Greece from July 20th 2015 onwards, irrespective of the date the charter contract was signed. The new VAT rates are as follows:

A. Charter duration of 3 days or more

  • Category I, vessels entitled to perform International cruises: Discount 60%, therefore the applicable VAT rate is 9,2% (instead of 5,2% previously)
  • Category II, vessels entitled to perform Long Range cruises within the Greek waters: Discount 50%, therefore the applicable VAT rate is 11,5% (instead of 6,5% previously)
B. Charter duration up to 48 hours
  • There is no discount for cruises up to 48 hours, regardless of a vessel's category, therefore full VAT of 23% is due (instead of 13% previously).


It is customary, if you are pleased with the service on board, to leave a gratuity for the crew. The amount is left at your discretion; a figure within the range of 5-15% of the charter fee is usual.


We advise all charterers to consider cancellation and curtailment insurance. You may also consider Personal Accident or Medical Insurance plus Personal Effects Insurance, which is not included in the Charter Fee.

Preparing your Boat

We will be happy to help you plan your itinerary and advise you of what can be sensibly achieved in the time available, along with the best places to visit. We recommend that itineraries be kept as flexible as possible as they are subject to various factors such as weather conditions or your own change of heart. Any pre-planned itinerary, with the exception of the Port of Redelivery, may be altered in consultation with the Captain. The Captain's decision is final relating to any matter regarding the safety of the yacht or those on board.

Charter Rates

The charter rates quoted are for the high season bookings (15th June-15th September); most yachts offer advantages for low season bookings.

Water Sports & Scuba Diving

The Captain and crew will gladly instruct you in the use of the yacht's water sports equipment. Most yachts carry a range of such equipment, but we cannot guarantee that it will be the same as what is listed in the brochure. Jet skis may be operated by the Charterers themselves but only with care and due consideration for the peace and safety of other yachtsmen and swimmers, and in accordance with relevant laws in force at the time. Tenders may only be used in the company of experienced crew members.

Scuba diving - Please note that Greece and Turkey place severe controls on independent scuba diving in their waters in an effort to curb the plundering of underwater antiquities. It is therefore necessary to dive with local licensed diving instructors. According to your itinerary we can arrange for instructors and equipment from scuba diving schools on various islands.

Additional Services

We are able to undertake all your travel and personal arrangements including car rental, limousines, helicopters, hotel reservations etc, as well as personalised visits and guided tours to ancient sites and monuments on the islands or inland.